yuih_otakaishi (yuih_otakaishi) wrote in hey_say,

Birthday Masterpost - Yaotome Hikaru at 28

Who wouldn't have fun with his self-written awesome songs? Who wouldn't enjoy his awesome bass part in JUMP band? Who wouldn't get captured by this guy's smile?
Today we celebrate this very talented guy and JUMP's comedian slash bass player, Hikaru!!!

Note: Please put all picture spams, birthday graphics, fanvideos, general flailings etc in the comments of this post, or if you are posting in your own journal, feel free to give links to those here in the comments. For "normal" things like scans, translations, downloads and so on, feel free to post normally in the community even if you are sharing those to celebrate his birthday, but for purely birthday celebration purposes material, please post them through this masterpost.
Tags: *birthday masterpost, ;member: yaotome hikaru
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