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[mod post] Rules Post

Welcome to the hey-say rules post! Please read this carefully before posting!

Who can join/post:

  • Membership is moderated but the only accounts that will not be accepted are:

    • accounts made only for spamming communities

    • accounts made only for posting memes

    • empty journals (if we suspect they may be for the purposes above)

  • All members can post to the community but repeated breaking of rules will cause you to lose posting access (see below)

What you can post:

  • News/information etc

  • Discussions/fan reports etc

  • Rips of official CDs/DVDS but only after the release date

  • Rips of dramas/variety shows/movies/radio shows etc

  • Scans of magazines, official shop photos, photobooks etc

  • Subtitles and translations

  • Advertisements for other communities/fan projects – but only once per site.

  • Links to locked communities – but only if the post remains public for 7 days and people must be able join the community (no closed membership/ridiculous requirements like 500 journal posts etc)

  • NYC related content provided it is not only about Yuma

What you can’t post:

  • Content that does not relate directly to a member of Hey!Say!JUMP.

  • Something that has already been posted (check the tags before posting) unless there’s anything significantly different (eg. better quality, the previous post contains dead links, your translation differs significantly from someone else’s)

  • Anything we have masterposts for:

  • Links to locked journals or posts that you intend to lock (see ‘what you can post’ regarding communities)

  • Graphics and fanworks (see the FAQs post for suggestions on where to post these)

  • Anything that you do not have he original uploader’s permission to post

  • Rips of videos from official Johnny’s streaming sites (eg Johnny’s net or TakiChannel) or screenshots of Jweb pages

General posting rules:

  • Please only post in English

  • All posts with any kind of download/media must be community locked

  • No bashing/flaming of ANYONE – whether it be a JUMP member, another Johhny’s member/group, Johhny himself, another Japanese celebrity, another fan/community member/LJ user or even someone the members are rumoured to be dating or whatever

  • No excessive cursing

  • Use the default size/colour for text and write normally (eg. Don't tYpE LiEk TiS or ALL IN CAPITALS or sum otir wird way lik dis)

  • Be as detailed as possible in your post - for links/dowloads please try to specify (where applicable): dates, name of magazine/show, file format, size etc.). Posts with random links and no description will be deleted

  • Use an LJ-cut if you want to post:

    • a picture larger than 400x400 pixels

    • multiple pictures (only one outside the cut or three if they’re thumbnails)

    • long posts that take up a lot of space

    • any gif

    • an embedded video

  • TAG your post (you should include at least one tag to say what the post contains and one to say which member(s) it relates to)

  • If you are re-posting something, give credit to where you got it from

  • Do not disable comments

  • Please clearly state whether any information is news (and if so provide sources) or rumour

What will happen if you break the rules:

  • For minor rule breaking (eg. misuse of fonts/LJ-cuts) you will be warned and asked to edit your post.

  • For major rule breaking (eg. posting something that is not allowed) your post will be deleted.

  • If your post needs to be deleted THREE times, you will lose posting access and must contact a mod to request it back. You will be given a period of two weeks in which to learn the rules and you will be given a small test to ensure you have taken them in.

  • In certain circumstances, at the mods’ discretion, you may lose your posting access immediately or even be banned from the community but this will only be for very serious things (eg. posting johnny’s net videos, extreme/offensive bashing)

If you notice any posts that break our rules, please let one of the mods know!! Likewise if you notice anyone behaving inappropriately in the comments of any post, please let us know and we will deal with it!

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