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[mod post] FAQ Post

Introducing the shiny new FAQ Post. If you have any questions that this post doesn't answer then please ask in the questions/requests post!

Using Livejournal: Click the link for the corresponding page in the LJ FAQs

About the community:

  • My post disappeared – It’s likely that your post was breaking one or more of the community rules and was deleted. Where reasonable we will contact you to edit the post before deleting it, if it is not edited we will delete it and, if possible, contact to let you know why

  • I sent a private message to one of the mods but haven’t received a reply – Please check that you have your private messaging security set to Registered Users (go to the Edit Profile page, scroll down to Contact Info and check LJ User Messaging) or we can’t send you a reply!

  • Can content related to NYC be posted? Yes, provided that the content isn’t related to Yuma only

About HSJ:

  • Where can I find details of HSJ’s scheduled appearances on TV and in Magazines? The most up to date source is the media page at Johnny’s Net

  • Where can I find member profiles and CD/DVD discographies? You can find all of these by scrolling through our profile page as well as on the corresponding pages at Johnny’s Net

  • Can I send fanmail to HSJ? Yes you can, but I’d recommend sending letters/postcards only, I have heard that gifts and packages are not accepted and will either be returned to you or thrown away. Fanmail should be sent to Johnny's Family club at this address:

    Johnny's Family Club
    (Group's name) (Artist's name)
    Miyamasu Tower B1F
    1-10-10 Shibuya, Shibuyaku
    Tokyo, Japan 150-8550

  • Do HSJ have any official blogs or social media pages? The ONLY official HSJ blog is JUMPaper which is accessible through Johnny’s web. Please don’t be fooled by fake facebook pages or twitter accounts or any other social media site. Please note that personal information such as HSJ’s Mail addresses, phone numbers and addresses are PRIVATE and are not known by the public. Ryutaro, as he is no longer with Johnny’s, does have a twitter account, a line blog and a youtube channel

  • Where can I buy official HSJ merchandise? There are often fans selling their old HSJ items in the Monthly Sales Posts or you can check the following places:

    • Concert goods – these can only be bought at the concert venue. If you can’t attend the concert but want the goods then keep an eye out for Pre-order master posts if anyone attending is willing to buy for others

    • CDs/DVDs/Magazines – In shops in Japan or online - some good sites for international buyers are: YesAsia, CDJapan and Amazon Japan

    • Shop Photos - There are four official Johnny’s Shops in Japan, the addresses can be found here, there are also a number of shops in Japan that sometimes stock unofficial photos or paparazzi shots.

  • How can I watch HSJ shows and listen to HSJ on the radio live? There’s a great guide to streaming Japanese TV and Radio here. You could also try checking youtube/twitter for live streams as shows are airing but these aren’t guaranteed.

  • How do I get tickets to HSJ’s live shows?

    • Through the fanclub - If you have a Japanese address (or a very kind friend with a Japanese address) you can join the fanclub and ballot for tickets. This is the best bet to get decent tickets at a decent price

    • Through Ticket Agencies – other tickets might be sold in Japan through ticket selling agencies but these are usually limited and often only available via phone. If tickets are being sold this way, the participating agencies are listed on the Johnny’s Net concert page (go here and click on the tour you want to attend, after the list of dates there will be a button saying ‘ticket agencies’ if these tickets are available)

    • Scalpers/Auctions - You can find scalpers at concert venues and find online auctions (such as Japan Auction Centre) where tickets can be bought but these are usually VERY expensive. This kind of resale of tickets is prohibited by Johnnys and is sometimes enforced by ID checks at the venues

  • Where/when did HSJ perform XX? If you’re looking for a particular performance or the name/air date of a show etc, the best thing to do is ask in the request/question masterpost

General how do I:

  • rip mp3s from videos/change video format/make GIFs from videos – the easiest way to do this is to use this website

  • join split files – you need HJ-Split to join split files (files where you download the parts in the form file.001, file.002 etc)

  • make wallpapers/icons/banners etc. - you will need some kind of image editing software (I recommend GIMP because it has a lot of the same tools as photoshop but it’s completely free) and a little creativity

Where can I find: If you're looking for something specific then please use the community tags to narrow down your search. If you're looking for sources for things there are various communities dedicated to specific things that you could try:

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