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10 August 2017 @ 07:05 pm
Hey! Say! JUMP I/Oth Anniversary Tour 2017 Goodies  
I'm not sure if you guys are interested in knowing details on concert goodies, but I'll post it anyway!
Concert goods list is out, and here are the details and prices (in Yen)

Pamphlet 2,200 yen
Jumbo uchiwa (9 types) 600 yen each
Poster (10 types) 800 yen each
Clear file (10 types) 600 yen each
Original photo set (10 types) 800 yen each
Original pen light 1,600 yen
Shopping bag 2,000 yen
T-shirt 2,800 yen
Face Towel 1,800 yen
Photo frame 2,000 yen
Plush toy mascot (9 types) 1,300 yen each
For pictures, please check here: https://heysayjump-joho.net/6981

Besides the above, I'm going to be sharing something about Keito that has been circulating around. Keito is a normal boy, and it's up to you to believe this or not, but it is an old photo back from his university days, so it's not really relevant anymore.

Shunkan Josei, a tabloid has published a photo of Keito in bed with another girl. The incident appears to have taken place when Keito was at Sophia University, one of the top private universities in Japan. The woman who slept with Keito claimed that she went out drinking with some friends who attended the university, but was shocked when Keito was there with them. One thing led to another and she was eventually invited back to his house. The evening had a rough start since the AC in his apartment was broken resulting in a premature hot and sticky night.

She went into further detail mentioning how at first they started to watch TV in bed before eventually doing the deed. The woman further claimed that her throat was dry due to the events that took place, so she rewarded herself by drinking his expensive fruit juice without permission. Overall her experience was at least positive, describing him as a “gentleman”.

Source: Aramajapan
Notes (from me):
1. Something to take note of is the 'Music Station tissue box' seen behind Keito, which is exclusively from the music show.
2. If you would like to view the picture, please click to the source link. I'm not going to be posting it here.

P.S. Reason why I'm posting this even though it's not normal practice is because I think all fans should know the truth, whether good or bad. :)
Mie Sasakimangen_mangen on August 10th, 2017 02:53 pm (UTC)

Re Keito, I'm annoyed that the woman leaked the photo/story rather than about Keito having a normal experience...
seasimplyseasimply on August 10th, 2017 07:22 pm (UTC)
what photo of keito?
aquacrazeaquacraze on August 11th, 2017 07:20 am (UTC)
Click on the source link in Arama to view it.
Apriel Leeaprielli on August 11th, 2017 01:06 am (UTC)

Thank You for helping confirm this issue, I've been wondering what really happen (since I still can't read kanji 😅).

anyway, is Keito still on university this year too?
I thought this year is his last year (there not many info for this guy sadly)

lalaziraralalazirara on September 11th, 2017 03:56 pm (UTC)
That scandal thing about Keito made me so mad haha.
aquacrazeaquacraze on September 13th, 2017 02:49 am (UTC)
Mad at the girl for releasing the pictures?