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14 November 2011 @ 06:42 pm
[MOD] Ryutaro's removal from the profile page  

We have been dreading this day as a fandom, but Johnny has spoken, in his own way.

The Hey!Say!JUMP profile page updated with new pictures and sadly... There was no updated picture of Ryutaro on it. There was no picture of Ryutaro on it at all. I immediately rushed over to check my J-Web page and saw they also took out Ryutaro's column there.

Now I understand that people have been keeping the faith and people will continue doing so, but many years in Johnny's fandom have taught me one thing: this is as official has his removal is going to get. Johnny's will not make an official statement, unless he will make a comeback (see: Uchi Hiroki, and he came back solo). 

That's why posts about Ryutaro from now on will be tagged as ;former member: morimoto ryutaro. If Johnny reconsiders his decision, so will we and his member tag will be fully restored. But his name being removed from the profile page, means his current member status is too, making him a former member.

This post may be used to rant, cry and give your opinion about the matter but please do keep the rules in mind. So no cursing, bashing, etc. (I especially don't want to see any hate directed towards the remaining members. I'm sorry for saying this so bluntly, but they were not the ones caught smoking).
miss dee :3pandapaw on November 14th, 2011 07:27 pm (UTC)
hold everything!!

may i remind fans that shoon and taiyo left and recently ryo and yampi
but people u have hope
dont stop supporting
he will be back
not in jonnys i know but he will come back i know this :D
shoon did
taiyo did sort of in a play :3
and the other news memebers will show there faces agen
so dont be down ^^ be possative
yes lets all blame jonny i think he has issues at the moment
ryuu will be back

*good things come to people who wait ^^*