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03 May 2011 @ 09:24 pm
 Hello members. When you join the community, I hope this rules post is the first thing you will read. Or that you are at least reading it at some point!! Because there are so many people in this community, it is important that we respect the rules and this way be considerate towards one another.

If you will see members breaking the rules or behaving badly in comments of any posts, please inform us! We mods will keep an eye on all the posts made here, but there is simply no way we can follow all comments made. So if there are people behaving badly in comments, please do report to us :)

Especially for people who are new with LJ: Please note that an LJ community is different from other Internet forums. When people are members of the community and they choose to have it appear on their friends' page so that they can keep updated, they are forced to see ALL the posts posted in the community. This community has so many members, so please be considerate towards them. Before making a post, please remember there people are not your own friends. When it is your own journal you can always post as pointless things as you may want to, but not all things are appropriate for the community.

Please note that posts that break the community rules will be deleted. For minor rule breakings etc there might be a warning first, but because we mods expect all the members have read the rules, it is our duty to delete posts that go against the rules to keep the community in order. So please read the rules to avoid problems like this. If you break the rules enough times, you will lose your posting access, so please be careful. (Please read about the "3 strikes rule" and how to regain your posting access from the rules.)

Basically, just use common sense with your behavior in the community. That alone should take you a long way, because other than the "being considerate towards other members" there are not that many rules, because most of the limitations are all related to keeping the community pleasant for all the members.

NOTE! hey_say has a moderated membership, but we approve all accounts applying for the membership. The main reason for moderated membership is so that the members who have had their posting access denied because of rule breaking can't try getting it back without the consequences. The only lj accounts that are denied membership are:
- accounts created only for spamming with webgain links or other spamming
- accounts created only for posting memes
- possibly otherwise suspicious looking, empty journals (especially newly created with no information) if we suspect them to relate to the ones above.

Any accounts sustected for being spammer journals are denied membership. If you think your membership has been denied without a reason, please contact us!


No Bashing/Flaming (includes both posts and comments)

☆ No bashing/flaming any of the boys of the group, any other Johnny's boys (or Johnny Kitagawa himself) or any members of the community either.
- Even if one of them isn't your favorite or there are other boys outside JUMP you don't like, it doesn't give you the right to bash them. There is always someone who is going to hurt their feelings.
- No drama/fighting/bickering/insulting among other members.
- Anything that might be considered racist/discriminating/etc will lead to warning/banning depending on the seriousness of the insult.

☆ No bashing people in general.
- Especially with dating rumors, people tend to start insulting the girls the boys are rumored to date. This is totally unnecessary. If they make the boys happy, why should we hate them? If you really call yourself a fan, shouldn't the happiness of the boy you support be the thing you want the most? Of course not ALL the girls the boys date are that good for them, but if it's the guy's choice, we should respect it and hope he knows what he wants.
- This also includes no linking to hate sites or other thinks that are sure to cause bad blood between people. Even if you're not bashing someone yourself, these kind of actions would lead other people into doing so.

Yes, I know, freedom of speech and everything but this is a FAN community. Wiki: "Fan is someone who has an intense appreciation for something(s) or someone(s)". So fan community should be about the love we feel for our idols, not an excuse to create drama and make others feel bad. I want everyone to be able to express their feelings and opinions, but within good manners.

In short, just behave yourselves. Use common sense. Just because it's the Internet and you can't see each other face to face it doesn't mean you should act any worse towards your fellow people than in real life. Please respect the other people like you would want them to respect you.

Please note that posting hate memes will immediately result into losing your posting access or even your membership in the community! (Especially if the account is under suspicion of being a spamming community, the community membership is denied.)

Watch Your Language/Typing/Overall Behavior

☆ Do not use curse words excessively.

☆ Don't tYpE LiEk TiS or sum otir wird way lik dis it's really annoying to read.
- Also refrain from using "IM type shortenings" such as "sum1" for "someone" etc. It makes the text hard to read, and it's not pleasant for the eye.

☆ Use community default font.
- Do not use colored text/different size text/different type font than what is set as community default font style. The communities have default text type AND color for a reason. You can use whatever style you want in your own journal, but at the community you are expected to respect the default style of the community.
- This includes no writing your whole post with bold or italics either. They are okay when used normally to the purposes they're supposed to be used, but not when it's the whole post.

☆ No irrelevant pictures/gifs/etc.
- When posting something, please don't post irrelevant pictures or gifs with it. Screencap from a video/thumbnail from a scan/banner for a community/etc are of course okay and very much encouraged too, because it makes it easier to see what you are posting, but please don't use pictures that are not related just because you feel like doing it, because they simply slow down the page and confuse people from exactly what you are posting.

TROLLING not allowed.
- Please report any kind of trolling to the mods.

☆No spamming
- No pointless posts (you can make pointless comments as long as the person who made the post doesn't mind).
- Consider which is actually relevant to be posted here, and what is something you should be posting in your own journal instead - remember that there are several thousand members here, and most of them do not appreciate borderline pointless posts. Be extra careful with the "discussion" topic - things you can chat over with friends might be considered spam in a big community, so there has to be a reason behind the discussion topic.
- No "vote HSJ to xxx" posts, there are all kinds of popularity etc votings going on all the time, so these are considered spamming.
- Do not keep spamming the community several times a day. Unless posting something completely different, please update your previous post instead.
- Please do not make introduction post when you join. In smaller communities it's good way to get to know people, but with communities with how big community this is it is simply too much spam. If you want to introduce yourself, please use the Members Introduction Masterpost.

☆ Do not post something that has already been posted before.
- Please don't post something someone else posted already, unless there's anything significantly different (for example a High Quality version of a video that has been posted before in Low Quality). Please check the tags to see if the thing you would be posting has already been posted before. If you're posting something that has already been posted before, you need to tell in your post how it's different. Otherwise it will be deleted because it's considered simply posting the same material again. (See below what kind of quality information should be informed.)
- You ARE allowed to post something again if a)the download links etc are dead in the old post or b)the old post leads to a post in another journal/community and the post has been locked by now. Also, if it's been over a year since it's been posted and you can't find it easily through the tags anymore, it can be shared again.
- Please do not post lyrics (kanji/romaji/translations) of things that have been posted before. If the original ones are incorrect or missing something, then you can post your version, but otherwise it is considered as posting the same thing again.

☆ No drama.
- Please do not post something that you might think will create drama in the community. Some issues are very hard for many people to handle, and argument and fighting will occur. If we see a subject that might create bad blood between members, we MODs may have to delete the post to keep the members from getting into arguments.

☆ No whiny posts/posts with improper behavior.

Basic Guidelines For Making A Post Here

☆ No useless posts.
- No making posts that have no substance in them (those are to be left to your personal journal).

☆ No unclear posts.
- When you make a post, please include information of what the post is about. If you make a post with no title and just a link to somewhere, how are anyone supposed to know what that is about?
- All posts MUST have a title.
- Posts with a links somewhere without a clear explanation of what it is about will be deleted. It is not only an issue of clarity but safety, as unexplained links may lead to virus programs etc.

You must use an LJ-cut when:
- posting picture larger than 400x400 pixels (only ONE picture with maximum size of 400x400 pixels can be left without an LJ-cut - only exception being icons/thumbnails)
- posting a longer text, several downloads or anything else than takes a lot of space.
- posting small thumbnails of scans (maximum 3 thumbnails can be left outside lj-cut)
- posting an online video (embedded video screens always under a cut)
- posting gifs of any size (ALL gifs under an lj-cut)

TAG you post.
- Tags make it so much easier to navigate in the community.
- We mods will try to tag the posts, but we don't exactly have much extra time to do anything so we would very much appreciate it if you could simply tag your post while posting it.
- Please check community Tags before making request/question/etc. If you do not understand how to search something with the tags etc, please ask us first.
- All tags starting with * mark are only for MODs to use, do not use any of these tags on your own posts.

☆ Do not disable comments.

☆ Stay in topic.
- We all love other Johnny's boys than the group this community is about, but posts in this community are to be kept concentrating on that particular group.

☆ Advertising/Sales.
- You are allowed to advertise other JUMP related communities/forums (no personal journals). You are allowed to advertice this other site ONCE. More times than that will be considered spam.
- Projects are same as with "vote JUMP for xxx thing" and are not allowed. If you have some project you'd really want to promote here, please contact the mods about it first and depending on the situation it might be approved.
- Sales posts have their own masterposts (check the tags for monthly sales post and pre-order sales post) so if you want to sell something or take orders, please use them. Separate sales posts are not allowed.
- Selling copies of official Johnny's goods (such as unofficial copies of official shop photos) for own profit is NOT allowed!

☆ Memes/questionares/polls.
- Memes are not allowed in the community (fe hate/love/friending memes) because since they get posted in so many communities at the same time they are considered spam.
- Any accounts created for the purpose of posting memes ONLY will have their posting access disabled or their accounts banned when found out, because that kind of accounts are considered spammer accounts.
- Instead of a separate "friending meme" feel free to use the Community Introduction Post for meeting new people who like the same things as you!
- General questions/polls go under this same category. If you'd want to post something like this, please ask the mods first, but generally polls/questionares are not allowed. (Or the easiest way would be if you'd like to hear members' opinions about something, you can always post that poll/questionare along with something else like translations/downloads/etc. That way you can ask those things/post polls in the same post with them. As long as there's something that's normally allowed too, you can post questions/polls with those also (please remember to use lj-cut!))

☆ Twitter
- hey_say has its own Twitter account here so please join it if you want to follow the community on Twitter: please note that only updates about news etc will be posted there, there will not be notice of every post, but there might be other things there at times too. You can read more about the hey_say Twitter account here.
- Most LJ users don't have Twitter, and they don't want to see the Twitter related spamming here. hey_say Twitter has its own account, so keep everything Twitter related there. This means no Twitter hashtags or trending projects etc to be posted at the LiveJournal community, but the Twitter community instead.

☆ No country-specific posts.
- For example no posting about fan meetings - post them at the country-specific communities instead. You can find a list of them in the FAQ if you're not part of your country's community yet. If you can't find a community for your own country, please create one and share the love! You can advertise your country's Johnny's/JUMP community here.

☆ Make difference between news and rumors.
- If you have a news topic, link to the source where you got this information is required. Without official origin the info is considered rumor. Official information means either Johnny's Net or some other respectable and trustworthy source.
- Official announcements from Johnny's are news shows in respected newspapers or TV broadcasts. Articles published in random tabloids (especially Chinese ones!) are rumors. Please also note that while Wikipedia is a good source for songs, concerts etc, it is NOT a reliable source for release information or in many cases even the boys' personal information because it is updated by FANS, not Johnny's themselves.
- NOTE! Pointless "rumors" that are pretty much made out of thin air for own amusement are not rumors, they're spam and will be deleted.

☆ Use English.
- Not all of us speak English as the first language (I don't) but all of us can understand that, so please use only English when posting.

☆ Do not ask general LJ etc questions.
- LJ FAQ exists for instucting you how to post pictures, links, etc on LJ, search answers there, or for more specific, JUMP related questions, use the JUMP FAQ. The JUMP community FAQ has instructions on fanmail address, where to buy goods, what channels/what time JUMP related TV shows air, where to find subbed videos and so on. Make sure to check the FAQ before asking any general HSJ related questions.

Requesting/Posting Downloads/Scans/etc
(Please also check the TAGS info from above.)

☆ Use request/question masterpost.
- All requests/questions must be made into the most recent REQUEST/QUESTION MASTERPOST! Posting requests/questions outside the masterpost is not allowed.
- Please do not request licensed material or fancams. They are not legal. People are allowed to post them and it's their own responsibility, but requesting them is not allowed.

☆ Do not post CD/DVD rips before their release date.

☆ All posts including any kinds of downloads (videos, music, scans...) must be locked MEMBERS ONLY.
- Posting things like that openly could get the community into trouble.
- We MODs can't edit the posts and lock them, you have to make sure you do it.
- Same with online videos. Always lock the posts to members only. Also, do not share any video links you are not allowed to share. Either only share your own links, or get a permission from the channel owner.

☆ If you are linking outside the community, the post you are linking to must be open for everyone to view.
- Telling people they have to friend you just to view the entries is considered to be a cheap trick to get people to add you and to be very bad behavior.
- Subbing communities are the only ones who are allowed to link into locked posts for security reasons. For subbing communities: When you post links to your subbing community posts, always include instructions on how to join the community if the membership is not open, or if it is open, mention that too in the post. Remember to provide all necessary file information also; a good example of a subbing community release post is here. Also, we'd ask you to post monthly release posts (that include information of all your recent releases of that month) instead of making a post every time you release something. Because subbing communities are the only ones who are allowed to link to locked posts, we have to limit it at least some way make it more fair towards the others (again, please take a look at this post for a good example of how to do monthly release updates).
- you are not allowed to link into your journal after XXX days is not allowed.
- you are allowed to link into another community however and later lock that post, but the post must be open for a minimum of 7 days after you have posted about it here. Also, people must be allowed to join that community.

☆ Specify certain information when posting downloads/scans.
- This is to keep it easier to avoid people posting the same things again. When marking certain quality information to the downloads, the other people can see if they might have better quality version of the same thing, or if it is the same, in which case there is no reason to post the same thing again.
- For videos: file format (.avi, .mpg, mp4, .rm, etc), file size and frame height x width (640x360, 704x396, etc)
- For audio: file format (.mp3, .wma, etc) and bitrate (128 kb/s, 196 kb/s, 320 kb/s)
- For scans: height x width in pixels (if the file format is .jpg/jpeg you don't have to mention it, but in other formats, please include the information)
- All these specific properties can be found by simply right-clicking the file, clicking the properties option and then selecting the details tab.
- Also, when posting something, you must always specify proper file names/dates. If you don't know the date of for example some performance you post, or which magazine the translation you did is from, it's okay, but please say in the post that you don't know the date (someone else might, and when they tell you you can edit it to the post, and it makes it easier for everyone) BUT when posting mp3s especially, don't simply post a packed with "with some songs" (don't do this kind of packing and vague expressing in any other material either) but actually list in the post the information what there is. First of all the members will have no idea what there is, and us mods can't know if it's something that has already been posted in the community anyway.

☆ When posting a video/scans/etc, a preview picture would be recommended (however please remember the size limitations for pictures outside an lj-cut).

☆ When posting downloads/scans/etc in your own journal/community, give link to the actual post, not your journal/community in general.
- Post only linked to your journal/community main page instead of the actual post link will be considered as multiple advertisements of your own journal/community and will be deleted. If you are sharing downloads/scans/etc when you give a link in this community, give a link to THAT particular post in your journal/community. It will become impossible for the members to find the correct posts through links that are not linked to the correct location.

☆ Do not repost scans/translations/subs/etc if the person posting those has said "do not repost".
- These people have reason why they don't want you to do that. Make sure what the person posting the material has said and respect that. Some say you can repost as long as you credit, some say you don't have to credit and you can use them as you want, but some people don't want you reposting them at all. Respect their wishes! If you want to repost, ask permission from the original poster. (If you have gotten material from a website where you cannot understand the language, for example Chinese forums, do not repost because you don't know if reposting is allowed in the first place.)

☆ Credit people properly.
- If you are sharing something that isn't originally yours, you need to credit properly. For example if you post something from Baidu, you need to credit to the actual person who has posted it, not just Baidu.
- Any reposting without permission or proper credit will result into immediate losing of posting access without a warning to avoid fandom wars or cause a bad reputation to this community.

Graphics/fanfiction/fanart etc.

☆ Graphics and fanworks (icons, banners, layouts, fanfics, fanart, fanvideos, gifs etc) are no longer allowed in hey_say . If you would like to post any of them, or read fanfiction/view graphics or fanworks, please check out these communities for that purpose:

heysay_fanfic - Community for both HSJ related fanfiction and fan art
jumpgraphics - Community for HSJ related graphics
hsj_art - Community for HSJ related fan art

- Pimp posts and picspams are allowed, as long as they include pictures, downloads and/or information etc. (Note that pic spam means MANY PICTURES!) HOWEVER if you are doing spams of certain boys for example, we suggest you direct those to the daily communities or pairing communities. You can find a list of all the JUMP related daily/member-centric/pairing/etc communities HERE. Because JUMP has 10 members, pic spams can create a lot burden to the main community, and not all community members like the pic spams while usually those who have joined the daily communities want to see them a lot, so especially when concentrating to just one member, we recommend the daily communities instead, and the main community for special purposes.
- Picspams posted from one magazine only are not allowed if the magazine scans themselves have already been posted on the community - this counts as reposting something that has already been posted before! (Magazine scans of something that has already been posted can be used as a PART of a picspam.)
- Captions and "story picspams" are considered the same as fanfiction (or just fanworks) and are not allowed. Exception for this can be made in case the pictures from different sources play big enough part of the post too and it can be considered a proper picspam and not just an excuse to post fiction.
- Please note that pic spams for the boys' birthdays must be posted in the birthday masterposts.


☆ Only MODs are allowed to use any of the masterpost tags.

☆ Birthday masterposts.
- For Birthday masterposts goes ANYTHING birthday related, or anything related to that member posted around the birthday to avoid spamming in the community (for example but not limited to birthday wishes, graphics, discussions etc). Only things that can go into normal posts relating to the member having his birthday are downloads, scans and translations, as they will be easier to find with the tags later on then.

☆ Request/Question masterposts.
- For Request/Question masterpost, ALL questions and requests should go only there! No entries of that kind are allowed to be posted in the community.

☆ Sales masterposts.
- For sales masterposts, please use those for general sales as well as pre-orders for JUMP concert items or other things. (If you want to take pre-orders for for example JUMP concert goods but there is no masterpost for it yet, please contact atarashiiyoake who is in charge of masterposts.)

About NYC

☆ NYC is allowed on the community.
- NYC has Yamada and Chinen, thus NYC material too is allowed to be posted on this community (as long as it's not only Yuma related).
- Even though NYC is different from JUMP of course, most of the members belong into JUMP also, so it's not like we can cut them away. However we do recommend using nycboys also. Feel free to post here at JUMP community also, but we'd ask you to post on the NYC community also. The NYC community should not suffer from lack of posts because NYC material is allowed on the JUMP community also.

About Johnny's Net Videos

☆ Do not rip any videos from Johnny's Net or other official Johnny's streaming sites (such as TakiChannel).
- Johnny's has strictly forbidden this, and they have already taken the video section down once because people didn't respect the rule. We do not want to lose these videos!
- You can rip the videos for yourself, but please do not share them anywhere. Especially NO POSTING THEM ON STREAMING SITES!
- If it is reported to the mods that you have posted rips of the official Johnny's Net videos somewhere, you will be banned. It does not matter if it is posted on the community or not, or if it is JUMP related or not, it is risking the Johnny's video section just the same, so as punishment measures to prevent this, it will result into being banned unless the person agrees to delete those kind of links.

The 3 Strikes Rule:

Please note that if we MODs have to delete 3 or your posts because of rule breaking, your posting access will be disabled and you can no longer post here. You are still a member of the community, so you can see all the posts and comment to them, but you can't post yourself. Of course, you can get your posting access back. All you have to do is contact the mods, and request your posting access back. (Please contact hikarinoniji .) After you have requested your posting access back, you will be put on a 2 week long penalty time, during which we mods expect you will read the rules. After this time I will send you a few questions about the community rules to make sure you have read the rules. Once you have answered them, your posting access will be returned! PLEASE DO NOTE that if you still continue breaking the rules, we will deny your posting access again once we have to delete 2 posts from you, and this time the penalty time will me a month!

Also, please note that if you knowingly break the rules but just don't care, that will automatically count as two strikes. (Or in really bad cases, you might lose your posting access right away.)

If you have something else you'd want to know, please also check the Frequently Asked Questions (Including where to buy Johnny's goods, where the Johnny's shops are, fanmail address, your country's own fan community and so on).

NOTE!! We MODs hold the right to delete a post from a reason we see fit even if it's not strictly agaist the rules, if we think for some reason or another it is not appropriate/it doesn't belong here/it might cause problems for the boys or other community members/it might cause anger between the community members, and we don't have to justify ourselves when we do that! However when we do delete a post that doesn't go clearly against the rules, we won't count it as a post that would affect your posting access.

Thoughts? Questions? Feel free to comment.
hedwig3hedwig3 on July 2nd, 2011 08:33 am (UTC)
I've read this rules and I will give my best in following them.
Ariake Miraidoh_s on August 3rd, 2011 11:52 am (UTC)
Hello! promise to abide the rules. :)
tamafune29tamafune29 on August 7th, 2011 09:59 am (UTC)
I understand all of this rules and promise never break that
ayeremo123ayeremo123 on August 17th, 2011 08:42 am (UTC)
i understand all of the rules and will follow it...:)
Wen Jingxiaobaituuuu on August 26th, 2011 09:44 am (UTC)
Will abide by the rules! >__
airi29aizakii_ichigo on September 2nd, 2011 09:17 am (UTC)
I understand all of the rules and i promise i'll follow it^^
akiraaichii: kawaii_ryuakiraaichii on September 17th, 2011 04:33 pm (UTC)
i read rules and i follow them~ ^^
i havent posted much in my journal..so i hope im not suspicious. o w O

Is it okay for me to join ? ^^
chi_ayachi_aya on September 25th, 2011 09:19 am (UTC)
hi~ i promise that i will follow the rules~~
ake_tanake_tan on November 24th, 2011 08:18 pm (UTC)
I'll follow the rules. I can join? ^^
aemynel on December 2nd, 2011 09:17 am (UTC)
i promise to follow all the rules!
may i join?
namfon2namfon2 on December 14th, 2011 07:35 am (UTC)
i've read the rules and will strictly follow them =)
will never ever post the vdos on the streaming site
from now on~ yoroshiku =)
NAMWANkawaiiwan on December 16th, 2011 04:21 am (UTC)
yes I read all
I UNDERSTAND the rules
join this community ^^
yascun94yascun94 on December 22nd, 2011 10:48 pm (UTC)
I had read the rule and definately follow it.. I swar..:)
jamychanjamychan on January 2nd, 2012 08:10 pm (UTC)
I promise to try my best to obey all the rules in the best that i can :)) yoroshiku onegaishimasu (_ _)
ryooriryoori on January 4th, 2012 12:39 pm (UTC)
Just want to promise to follow the rules^^