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03 May 2011 @ 09:13 pm
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions  
Because many members are asking certain questions over and over again in this community (what the fanmail address is, where the JE shops are and things like that) I've combined here a list of Frequently Asked Questions. If you have any general questions to post in the community, please read this first!!

Q: How do I join the community?

A: You can find a joining link in the community info page (one of those little buttons), there is a link to it in the side bar under "Join", or if you have enabled the navigation bar (the little bar that shows on top of the page anywhere you go on LJ), you can find a join community link there also. (Or since you're here already, simply click here)

Q: What’s friends’ page? How can I get the community to show there?

A: Please check the LJ general FAQ for more about this. You can use the "Follow" link in the side bar of the community main page to follow the community, but note that this will ONLY friend the community. You will see the entries on your friends' page, but unless you have actually joined the community also, you will not be able to see locked posts.

Q: How do I post pictures? Or how can I add XXX in my post!?

A: For how to post pictures or pretty much anything LJ related, please check the LJ FAQ. It's there to answer LJ users' questions.

Q: Ah, I wasn't supposed to post this here/I want to edit my post! What should I do?

A: See that little icon with a picture of a blue pencil on top of your post? Click on it and you will go to "edit post" screen. There you can edit your post as much as you want, and then save changes. If you want to delete the whole post, just press the delete button on the bottom of the edit page.

Q: I made a post to the community but it disappeared! What happened?

A: Most likely you broke some rule in your post and it was deleted by the mods. We usually comment to the post to explain why the post was deleted, but not always (and sometimes even when we do, the messages don't come through for some reason!) Please be make to sure to read the community rules before posting to prevent this. If mods have to delete enough posts from you, you will lose your posting access. See the rules about how to get it back in case that happens.

Q: I want to make mp3 files of this performance, but I don't know how to do that... What should I do?

A: Rather than asking it on the community, you can easily rip videos into mp3s yourself. I recommend using GoldWave audio editor, as it's a really simple program to use. Just load a video onto it, and choose to save it as mp3 (Hint: if the file has a really low sound, you can simply add more volume from one of the editing options. There are also options for cutting the audio and so on.)

Q: I'd want to get this one video into my iPod... How can I convert it to mp4 so that I can put it on my iPod?

A: I recommend using Videora iPod converter. It's a free program and very easy to use for converting videos to the right format for your iPod.

Q: I sent you a question though LJ private messages but you haven't answered me, why?

A: We MODs can't answer your questions if you have LJ messaging privacity settings keeping us from replying to your message. All LJ accounts have default setting where they DO NOT allow messages from other accounts, you have to change that. Here is how to do it: Go to your edit profile window and there is a part called "Contact Info". There is an option called "LJ User Messaging". From that menu, choose "REGISTERED USERS". This way all people with LJ accounts, including us mods, can send you messages. If you want an answer to your messages you must have this option chosen. PLEASE NOTE THAT IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT SETTING HERE, WE MODS WILL NOT ANSWER YOUR MESSAGE BECAUSE WE CAN'T. We mods don't have the time to hunt down a way to answer your messages, so it's simple, we answer the messages we get, and if the answering is disabled, the messages are not answered. So I recommend you make sure your profile settings allow receiving messages if you want to get an answer.

Q: Can I follow hey_say on Twitter?

A: hey_say has their own Twitter account here, however this account will not have everything posted on actual LJ community, but there will be news updates etc. You can read more about the Twitter thing at the Twitter post (or community rules).

Q: Where can I get information about in what TV shows/magazines JUMP appears in?

A: The best place for that is the Media section under JUMP info at Johnny's Net. You can view it here. You can also find other information there. (Note: Johnny's Net is in Japanese only.)

Q: I want scans/music/videos/translations/etc where do I find them?

Tags are your friends. See that big list on the side of the community main page under the calendar. Those are called TAGS. All downloads, scans etc are tagged accordingly, so use those to find what you are looking for. Look from there first, and only request something if you can't find it there.

Some TV shows have their own communities where the episodes are posted instead of here in hey_say to keep things in order and avoid posting same thing in many different places. Please join those communities for the episodes. Here's a list of JUMP member related show communities:

shokura - Community for Shounen Club - you can find all Shounen Club episodes through this, including HD episodes from the currently airing episodes.
100shikitv - Community for Hyakushiki Ou - all the current episodes are available in both MQ and HD as they keep airing. (Older episodes from earlier times have been posted at shoonie for the most part, or especially even older ones can be found from Kamichan's collection over here.)
yyjumpin - Community for Shuumatsu YY Jumping. You can get HD episodes from here, as well as some episodes subbed too.

Please do not x-post episodes posted on those communities to avoid unnecessary spam.

Because there are so many different scans but in a major community like this it's difficult to try sorting them clearly enough, you might want to try some actual scanning communities such as boys_paper or hsj_scans where it might be easier to locate what you're looking for especially with magazines.

For translations, please check the Hey!Say!JUMP translations archive which has links to all JUMP related translations posted in English. Please remember to read this before using the archive. This post includes instructions on how to use the archive as well as rules on how to handle the translations.

Q: Where can I find basic info about the boys? Like their birthdays, how tall they are, do they have siblings, when they joined JE, what dramas have they been... That kind of things?

A: Please check the community profile page. When you scroll down the profile, there are individual profiles of each of the members. The information listed there has their family information (birthdays, birthplaces, siblings etc), body information (height, weight, blood type, shoe size), personality information (liked/disliked food/color/sports etc, hobbies and so on) as well as drama/CM information (list of which dramas/CMs the boys have appeared).

Q: Do you know what the boys' religions are? They're not listed in the info...

A: The reason why it's not listed there is because religion is something the boys don't talk about, so no one can really answer that.

Q: I want to find a drama where some of the boys are!! Where can I find them!?

A: First of all, the easiest thing to do is check the community tag for dramas or subbed dramas. If you won't find what you're looking for, check the index at jdramas (jdramas is an open membership community so you can easily access the files there) which is the best source for subbed Jdramas. Another open LJ community for Jdramas is asian_doramas - you can also find dramas that are not subbed from there, because jdramas only has subbed dramas.

Still not find what you're looking for? The d-addicts is the way to go (D-addicts does not require membership to access the files so you can easily find things there). If drama is uploaded anywhere in the internet, with 96% probability you will find them in some of these places. Please do note that if you DON'T find a subbed version for a drama in any of these locations, then it also probably has not been subbed. (You can see lists of the dramas the boys are in under the member profiles in the community profile page.)

Also, you should try visiting dramacrazy.net. They have many popular dramas there, both raw and subbed, which you can watch online too if you don't want to download. (Although most dramas also have download links provided for the episodes.) DramaCrazy subs don't really get posted outside DramaCrazy, so that might be one of the places that does have the drama you want to watch subbed, even if the other places mentione above don't have it.

Q: Can I send fanletters to the boys?

A: Yes you can, the fanmail address is the following...

東京都渋谷区渋谷1-10-10 ミヤマスタワーB1F

Or if sending from outside Japan...

Johnny's Family Club
(Group's name) (Artist's name)
Miyamasu Tower B1F
1-10-10 Shibuya, Shibuyaku
Tokyo, Japan 〒150-8550

Please remember to mark in the address also the name of the group, as well as the name of the specific member you are writing to.

Do NOT send presents. Presents are not delivered to the boys. If you live in Japan the present is returned to you, if you live outside Japan the present is simply thrown away. Only send cards or letters.

Do not include your picture, email address or anything else like that in the letter. You can write your address to the envelope, and we encourage you to do it also, because this way the people inspecting the letters also know that the letter is not sent from any suspicious source because it has the sender address in it.

Q: Do the boys answer to the fanmail? I've sent many letters but I haven't gotten any answers!

A: Please consider how much fanmail the boys receive. For the most part they don't answer. Some fans have received answers, but those are only fans living in Japan and even these are very very VERY rare occasions.

Q: Do you know the email address of any of the boys? Or their blog? Can you tell me!?

A: First of all, anyone who would know their email address would not tell you in the first place they know it, and they would not share it. The boys' email addresses, phone numbers and such are their private information and not something the fans should know. The boys don't use blogs either. The only "blog" they can openly use is Jweb, and their posting there is very limited. HSJ boys currently have their own segment in Jweb called JUMPaper. Jweb can only be read via Johnny's Net with a Japanese cell phone with internet connection in Japan.

There are "stalker guide books" that have info about the boys home addresses or places they like to shop and stuff like that, but trust me, the boys hate fans that use things like that and stalk them. In 2008 the boys had a video message to the fans in the Johnny's Family Club building about how they hate fans who don't know how to behave. You can read the translation of the video here.

There are tons of "fake blogs" around, both in Japanese and English, on ameblo, mixi, FaceBook, MySpace etc with some JE boy's name there. Those are fake. The boys are not allowed to have open blogs or post pictures of themselves in the internet, so don't fall for them. Usually it's some "fans" pretending to be them, but since most Japanese fans especially know they are fake because the boys are not allowed to have blogs like that because the Japanese fans know the rules, they don't get fooled as easily as foreign fans, especially n00bs. So be careful not to fall for those!! There are different type of fake blogs, some have the artist "real name" and picture and claim that they are that person, some don't have pictures but have initials or something, and hint towards the person they are (for example initials Y.T. who updates about going to do this and that that would hint him actually being Yamapi yes I've actually seen a blog like this leaving footprints on my blog... *rolls eyes*) and some blogs that are clearly admitting they're not the real person, but just doing that for fun. The last option is the "harmless one" because in that case everyone knows they're not the real person, so it's not fooling anyone. But don't get fooled by the others!!!

Also, let the boys have their privacy. Some Johnny's (usually the older ones who do get some slack from JE) might have facebook or something similar in their private life, but those are for their own use with friends, fans should not bother the boys during their private time!!! Of course, those would not be in the boys' real names in the first place anyway either, because they are not allowed to have blogs. So just know that unless it's an ex-JE guy (some of who do have open blogs btw), they WILL NOT use their own names on anything!!

For Hey!Say!7, you can contact them through their radio show Hey!Say!7 UltraPower, but only write them about their radio show related things! You can get the contact info (as well as instructions) to the radio show here.

Q: Where is Johnny's Family Club?

A: The address for it is the same one as fanmail address:
Miyamasu Tower B1F
1-10-10 Shibuya, Shibuyaku
Tokyo, Japan 〒150-8550

You can find it when walk towards Aoyama from Shibuya, on the road where Aoyama theatre is. Do not walk up to Aoyama theatre! Turn left couple roads before it (don't remember how many, but just try a couple ones and you can find it - I did! XD) So turn LEFT from the road leading to Aoyama theatre. After walking just a little bit, there's a grey building to your right with THIS text on it - it's small!! So look carefully XD; From there just walk down the stairs and your in. NOTE: DO NOT TAKE PHOTOGRAPHS/RECORDINGS INSIDE JOHNNY'S FAMILY CLUB!!

Q: Where can I buy Johnny's stuff?

A: For concert goods (pamphlets, uchiwas, concert shirts, towels, venue photos and other goods it depends on the concert what kind of goods are sold) you need to buy them from the actual concert venue. From these goods only certain items like uchiwas and penlights MIGHT be sold (for a limited time) in Johnny's official shops. Venue goods are rare because they are only sold during the very limited time. Pamphlets, photosets and other exclusive goods can be ONLY bought from the venue. They are not sold at Johnny's shop at any time. Shop photos are different from venue sets. (People who have been to the venue themselves and bought extra goods, or people who are selling their old goods they don't want anymore might be selling those goods on auctions and other places. Some shops in Japan also sell old concert goods. Otherwise it is impossible to buy goods from concerts that are not happening anymore.)

For shop photos, and in some cases also the most recent uchiwas/penlights for example (the uchiwas/penlights get replaced with the goods from the most recent concert goods as a certain group gets a new concert, and they might not be sold at the shop in the first place anyway, especially the penlights have less chance to appear in the shop - although in some cases there might be other goods too, like photo albums for some groups, and mini uchiwas and such) you can get from Johnny's official shop. You can find the addresses, maps and times the shops are open here. The most known shop is in Tokyo, Harajuku. Please note that you cannot simply walk straight in the shop. You need to go to the location near the shop where the fans are lining up, and you will get a time ticket from the Johnny's employees. This ticket will show the time you can go to the shop. The JE staff members won't let you into the shop without that ticket, or before it is the time you have on your ticket. Please note that items such as uchiwas are only sold until the next concert, and even the photos are sold only a limited time. Depending on the group the time for how long they will remain in the shop is about 6~12 months (it depends on how many new sets the group is getting, because the new ones replace the old ones because the space is limited). NOTE: DO NOT TAKE PHOTOGRAPHS/RECORDINGS INSIDE JOHNNY'S SHOP!!

There are also many unofficial shops that sell old Johnny's goods as well as unofficial goods such as paparazzi photos. Harajuku of course has many unofficial shops that have tons of paparazzi photos (you can simply walk along Takeshita doori and you will pass by a lot of them), but in other places in Tokyo (and of course elsewhere in Japan too) there are many shops that sell unofficial goods as well as old official goods.

If you want to buy magazines with Johnny's boys, there are many different places to get them. Of course from any magazine stores in Japan, and there are shops outside Japan selling them too. Different internet shops also sell them, one of the popular ones being Amazon.jp (please note that Amazon Japan has very high shipping costs and requires a credit card), or you can subscribe to the magazines in for example CDJapan. You can also buy Johnny's CDs from these stores. Another internet store you can buy Johnny's CDs/DVDs as well as other things from is YesAsia.

If you want more detailed information about the "official goods", the prices are the following:
- photos 150yen - 4 picture photosets are 600yen
- uchiwas 500yen
- clearfile 500yen
- posters 800yen
- pamphlets 1,500~2,000yen
- penlights 1,300

The prices for some items may vary slightly, and for "special items" such as T-shirts or pencil sets, bags etc, you can check from each individual concert from Johnny's Net. Simply choose the concert you wish to know about from the concert menu, and choose the "goods" option from under the shedule. You will see a full list of goods along with the prices.

Q: Is there anywhere I can buy JE stuff in my own country?

A: Try checking out johnnys_outlet . They have information about different shops around the world that sell JE related goods! Also, if you think you might know a shop that sells JE goods, please do share about it with everyone at that community!

Q: I want to go to a Johnny's concert!! How do I get a ticket!?

A: Getting tickets to Johnny's events are really complicated. Fanclub members are the priority, so they get the best tickets. Other people can take part in the open balloting for the tickets. If you live outside Japan, you can neither apply for fanclub tickets (you need to have an address in Japan to be a member of the fanclub) nor ballot for the other tickets. If you have a friend who lives in Japan, you are lucky. Do NOT bother people you don't even know to get you tickets! Applying for JE tickets is time AND money consuming process, so do not try to make people you don't know to get those to you.

There are ticket services and auctions where you can buy tickets from the people who have bought them from JE (usually for very high prices), but most of these don't send to outside Japan, and many of them neither to hotels.

Some shops that sell JE goods also sell Johnny's concert tickets, but also for very high prices. You can find shops that sell tickets to JE concerts and other events in various places in Japan. In Tokyo for example in Harajuku obviously.

Please note that Johnny's concert tickets have a name of the owner of the ticket in them! If you get stopped at the concert entrance and the JE staff people see that you are holding a ticket that doesn't have your name on it, they won't let you in.

The prices of the tickets differ depending of the event. Generally butais (stage plays) are more expensive than normal concerts. For "normal" concert the original price can be under 5,000yen, for bigger butais/musicals with smaller audience the ticket price moves closer to 10,000yen. The original prices of the tickets can differ between 3,500~12,000yen, so what kind of event it is makes a big difference to the price!

Q: I can't understand Japanese so I want *insert name here* video subbed! Where can I find it? Can you sub it for me?

A: Please be aware that subbing any video takes INSANE amount of time from many people! There are not many subbed videos, so it's probably easier for you to learn Japanese yourself than find all the videos you want subbed in English.

For some places to find HSJ related subbed files, here are few good ones:

If you want to request some specific subs for the subbers or groups, please make sure to be respectful towards the subbers!! The subbing project is taking a lot time from them! Also, be reasonable in your requests. Only make one request at a time.

Note: If you know a good subbing group, or you are a member of a subbing group and would like it to be added to the list, please tell me and I will add it.

Also, a wonderful index of all different JE videos can be found here:
http:// indexjevideos . freehostia . com
Hey!Say!JUMP has their own category there too, so please look videos from there.

Q: Okay, I understand the subs, but what about translations? It doesn't take as much time to translate something right?

A: It is true that translating is only one of the processes in subbing, but doing magazine translations is not really any less time consuming than subbing, at least depending on how detail oriented translator we're talking about. So same rule applies: ask directly from the translators, and remember to be respectful!

For translations, please check the different "translations" tags from from community tags index. hey_say has different tags for different translations. Magazine translations, JUMPPaper (HSJ official "blog" in Jweb), radio as well as "others" has their own tag. Also, you can find lyric translations tag under the "lyrics" tags.

Soem good places for HSJ translations:

Note: If you you are doing translations in some translation journal/community and would like it to be added here, please tell me and I will add it.

Q: What time/what channel do HSJ programs air in Japan!?

A: Here's a list of the shows that are only HSJ/juniors. If you want to know others (where HSJ might be guests but not regulars), read it from the TV guide. Please note that these are all in Japan time.

TV: Shounen Club
BS2: Sundays 18:00~18:50 (first and second Sunday of the month)
BShi: Tuesdays 18:00~18:50 (the Tuesdays after the first and second Sunday of the month)
(NOTE: HSJ are not regulars on Shounen Club!)

TV: Yan Yan JUMP (Previously in this slot YY JUMPing, before that Hi!Hey!Say!)
TV Tokyo: Saturdays 18:30~19:00 (every week)

TV: School Kakumei (Previously in this slot Show wa Hey!Say!)
Nihon Terebi: Sundays 11:45~12:45 (every week)

TV: Hyakushiki
Fuji TV: Tuesdays 25:08~25:38 (every week)

TV: Hadaka no Shounen
TV Asahi: Saturdays 17:00~17:30 (every week)
This show has ended.

Radio: Hey!Say!7 UltraPower
Recomen: Monday~Thursday 22.15 (every Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday)
Show airs on a different channel on Fridays.

(For a tutorial on how to listen HS7 radio show, please click here)

Q: My favorite member/pairing is XXX, is there a community dedicated just for them!?

A: You can find a list of member daily or member centric communities, as well as pairing communities and so on here. If you know a community (or own one) that isn't listed there yet, please comment there and it will be added to the list.

Q: Can NYC related things be posted here? Since it's not really JUMP...

A: Yes, because Chinen and Yamada are still part of JUMP also, and anything related to them is of course allowed, NYC related posts are allowed too as long as it's not related to only Yuma. However we highly recommend people to use nycboys too because it is a community dedicated to the actual group in question.

Q: Where can I see what CDs and DVDs HSJ has released?

A: Please check the community profile page. All the HSJ CD and DVD releases are listed there.

Q: Where can I see what CD has what songs?

There is currently no listing in this community that would list all HSJ CD songs. You can usually see those from CD shop sites. However, if you can't find what you need or would like to know if some song is on any CD and if it is on which CD and which edition, feel free to leave a question here. Because I buy all HSJ releases myself I can personally answer that kind of questions.

Q: I want to know in which show/on what day HSJ performed XXX song! Where can I find that information?

A: Feel free to ask that here. I have all HSJ DVDs on my shelf, and every HSJ performance on my iPod, so I can answer that ^_^ Please do note that I can't say about concerts that haven't been released on DVD, other than the ones I have been in myself (at least unless there's a set list available for the concerts somewhere in my magazines...)

Q: Where can I see what concerts HSJ has had in the past?

A: All concerts are also listed in the community profile page.

Q: I want to trend JUMP boys/group/songs on Twitter, what hashtags should I use?

A: You can find a list of the most popular JUMP related hashtags here.

Q: I want to get to know some JE/HSJ fans from my country! How can I find them?

A: Our community has an Introduction Post where people tell from which country they are. You can browse through the introductions to see if you can find people from your country. Also, here is a list from JE/HSJ fan communities that are country based:

johnnys_suomi - Finnish JE fan community
heysay_doitsu - German HSJ fan community
je_us_fans - US HSJ fan community
je_philippines /pinoy_je - Philippines JE fan communities
ru_juniors - Russian JE (juniors) fan community
canada_johnnys - Canadian JE fan community
jefc_melb /jefc_syd - Australian JE fan communities
jefc_sg - Singaporean JE fan community
reach_for_hsj - French HSJ fan community
itajani - Italian JE fan community
jump_singapore Singaporean HSJ fan community
msian_hsjfans - Malaysian HSJ fan community
hsj_indonesia - Indonesian HSJ fan community

Note! If you know a country specific JE/HSJ community, please tell me and I will add it to the list.

Useful links recommend by some members:
hsj_podcast - JUMP related podcast where you can listen to other fans talk about the boys and join it yourself too!
richangiveaways - Join in for the possibility to win some JUMP or other goods for yourself.

The FAQ will be updated if there are questions that keep repeating often in the community. Also, if there are questions you think should be here, or want a better explanation on some of these questions already here, please let us know.
Chinen Yuzakihizaki92 on May 5th, 2011 01:26 pm (UTC)
hi! :D
can you guys affiliate jump_fan_sub
Chinen Yuzakihizaki92 on May 5th, 2011 01:26 pm (UTC)
thnx in advance! :D
ヒカリhikarinoniji on May 18th, 2011 07:08 pm (UTC)
Sorry for being so late, you guys are added to the list!
Aiko: Yama-chan Arigatoumizakiwa on July 28th, 2011 07:39 am (UTC)
sorry, i dunno if i can ask a question here, but when you say "You can write your address to the envelope" on the question "Q: Can I send fanletters to the boys?" what do you mean? do you mean we should write our address on the letter envelope too? :o
rui_eitorui_eito on July 4th, 2012 12:40 am (UTC)
The shop in Harajuku where they sell goods, do they also sell cds?
How long does the line usually take?
Sorry, I just wanted to know. I'm going on a trip and Harajuku is on the list but i don't know how long i'll be there for.
thank you.
Chinen Yuzaki: Scraphizaki92 on November 8th, 2012 06:47 am (UTC)
the link you guys gave for the Ultra Power does not exist anymore.. :'(