May 3rd, 2011

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[Request Post] May/June

If you have any questions about Johnny's or Hey! Say! JUMP in particular, feel free to ask here and any of the members will be able to check in to see if they know the answer to help you out.

However, I would like to point out that checking the tags and the FAQ solves the problem about 90% of the time!! The answers to questions like 'Where can I read their J-web translations?' or 'Where can I download School Kakumei?' are easily found by using the tagging system and just browsing around here a bit. The FAQ handles a variety of things, like how to get tickets for Johnny's concerts, how to send fanletters, and the airing times of the various tv shows featuring JUMP members.

A lot of the scans have been compiled and organised by ssm_kiyumi  and can be found here. Please check that page before requesting scans.

Also, take a look at the previous masterpost. Maybe your question is already answered there and if not maybe you see a question you know the answer to yourself. It's all about helping each other, right? ;)
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[Sales Masterpost] May/June

Please post in here if you have anything to sell.

Just some notes:

- Put whatever you're selling in the subject line of your comment.

- Provide details (or a link to details) and contact information in the body of your comment.

- DON'T post pre-orders in here. Only post goods you already have, that you're willing to sell. Comments containing pre-orders will be deleted (and will result in a strike!)  

- You're allowed to post whatever you have every single month, as long as it stays within this post. So if you have ongoing sales, or if you didn't manage to sell your things within a month: feel free to leave a comment in the next sales masterpost.

- Please delete or edit your comment if anything has been sold, or reply to your own comment with additional information about the items that have become unavailable.

here you can find a list of users that have either been blacklisted, or considered trustworthy by the members of this community.

The rule about not being allowed to post anything specifically aimed at members from a certain country (for instance, only selling to residents of Singapore) does NOT apply here. I realised there may be people living in Europe or w/e who might have friends in Singapore that could help them out with these sales. Therefore you ARE allowed to advertise in here, even though you only plan on doing direct business with people from a certain country.

If you want to be informed about new sales/pre-orders immediately by e-mail. You can subscribe to this post by clicking the little pin-button at the top of the entry. ^^
薮宏太 - my ココロ went ドキドキ

Members Introduction Masterpost

Because this community has so many members, unfortunately we can no longer allow introduction posts as there are many people joining the community every day so it would be too much of a spam for people to introduce themselves. So this is the new


Whether you are old or new member, feel free to comment on this post to introduce yourself or look through it to see if you maybe find people who are interested in the same things as you.

Please use these for introducing yourself~ If you want to skip any parts, just answer to the ones you want to.

How long have you been a fan:
Favorite JE group(s):
Favorite JE boys(s):
Favorite JE song(s):
Favorite JE drama(s):
Other sites where you'd like people to add you (Tumblr/Twitter/etc...)

For the "Other" part, feel free to rant whatever you want of yourself.

Here is a link to the old introduction post made by luma_chan . The reason we made a new one is because we can't edit her old one and if we ever get new moderators in the future it would be handy if one of us can edit this first post. Also, as a suggestion from Luma herself, we added a last question that gives this post a friending meme-ish feel. You can add any social media you'd like to add fandom friends to your list now so people can add you on Twitter/Facebook/Tumblr etc.

We have also added the intros of each MOD here so that you know a little bit of us too X3

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 Hello members. When you join the community, I hope this rules post is the first thing you will read. Or that you are at least reading it at some point!! Because there are so many people in this community, it is important that we respect the rules and this way be considerate towards one another.

If you will see members breaking the rules or behaving badly in comments of any posts, please inform us! We mods will keep an eye on all the posts made here, but there is simply no way we can follow all comments made. So if there are people behaving badly in comments, please do report to us :)

Especially for people who are new with LJ: Please note that an LJ community is different from other Internet forums. When people are members of the community and they choose to have it appear on their friends' page so that they can keep updated, they are forced to see ALL the posts posted in the community. This community has so many members, so please be considerate towards them. Before making a post, please remember there people are not your own friends. When it is your own journal you can always post as pointless things as you may want to, but not all things are appropriate for the community.

Please note that posts that break the community rules will be deleted. For minor rule breakings etc there might be a warning first, but because we mods expect all the members have read the rules, it is our duty to delete posts that go against the rules to keep the community in order. So please read the rules to avoid problems like this. If you break the rules enough times, you will lose your posting access, so please be careful. (Please read about the "3 strikes rule" and how to regain your posting access from the rules.)

Basically, just use common sense with your behavior in the community. That alone should take you a long way, because other than the "being considerate towards other members" there are not that many rules, because most of the limitations are all related to keeping the community pleasant for all the members.

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