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Sellers / Buyers post!!

If you've ever bought anything HSJ-related through LJ, or if you're a seller: PLEASE READ THIS. ALL OF IT. OK? ok. ♥

Okay kids, this was inspired by kira_shadow's entry about someone not paying her for the goods she wanted. Since I've had a similar experience myself and I'm sure more people will have had it, I figured I'd make a post of sellers and buyers that haven't kept their promises when it comes to paying and sending.

Just a few points I need to make clear:

It's happened to me that people bought my things, but had them shipped out unregistered. If things get lost on the way, it's not the seller's fault. The seller can however be held responsible if they provide you a bogus tracking number and/or never get back to you when you're trying to reach them for inquiries.

People backing out of orders don't necessarily end up on the blacklist! This has happened pretty often to me. People suddenly saying they want a few pictures left, or they don't really want that uchiwa... It's annoying as hell, but at least they're being honest about it.


♥ people not paying for the goods you've sent them
♥ goods generally not arriving (for a fair share of buyers!!)
♥ people providing tracking numbers that don't check out
♥ Goods not corresponding with the description (bootlegs when the products were stated as official, etc.)
♥ People not responding to e-mails about goods or payments that are taking a long time. If people want to back out of an order, the least they can do is inform you about it.
♥ Only suggest a seller for the blacklist when you have some proof they actually don't ship things out/don't pay.

If anyone has GOOD reasons or arguments as to why they might have ended up on the blacklist, I'll consider striking them out. I'll leave them on the list, though. Just to be sure.

If you're thinking of suggesting someone for list this, you can always just post a comment about it in here and I'll either try to dive into it, or maybe some other people will reply to you that have had similar experiences. But if you could, please provide a feedback thread or some other users that will be willing to back you up on your account. I'm not adding people to this list if you're the only one holding a grudge against them. So, just a tip: if you haven't received goods, try to browse the seller's LJ to find other people that have also purchased something and contact those users to compare stories.

Oh and just for the record, this won't just be a blacklist. I'm also adding sellers that HAVE checked out. So, if you want to add yourself to this list as a trustworthy seller or you know someone who should be added, comment here as well. I'll add a few people I've bought from within the HSJ fandom myself. I won't make a list of trustworthy buyers, because that would be insane. XD

I'll be compiling the list myself and I won't be adding the feedback corners and accounts here. So you guys will just have to trust me (I'm sure you can do that? ^^) not to add random people, lol.


aishiteruyo_yuu Feedback corner - fake tracking numbers, orders not arriving
drowninghime - Not sending stuff, not replying.
labshoo - Account has been deleted. Also goes by the name of 'Angel Tan'. Be careful with anyone using either of these usernames.

shiawase_joy - not paying for shipped goods

amane_nakashima (Filipino buyers)
kawaiiysa (Filipino buyers)
ogawaciz (Indonesian buyers)
sakuramushy27 (Filipino buyers)
shopstepjump (Filipino buyers)
wenidokane sells things at conventions

I hardly ever buy anything HSJ-related through LJ, so please comment with decent sellers, so I can create a steady list. ^^

If anyone has any contact details or further info on any users that are on the blacklist, please contact ME about it. Send ME a PM, not luma_chan, not any of the other mods or users, but ME: atarashiiyoake. I'll try to make a file on them to help out others that have fallen victim to them. So for the people that have had bad experiences with the people already on the blacklist, contact me and I'll send you all the info I have, so you can go and to confront them about it.

Even though they might have screwed some people over, I don't want their private details and contact information all over the web.
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