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[MOD] Highlighting JUMP-related communities. (and hashtags, lol)

To be honest, I was getting a bit freaked out by the amount of random picture spams in this community. There are so many members these days (and you'd be surprised at how many fans join every single day, they flood my inbox, lol).

So, I figured it would be a good idea to highlight all the daily and member/pairing-centric communities out there. Sure, it's appreciated if you post news related to any of the members, we're all fans here after all. But if you're just dying to rant on one of the member's new hairdo, or if you're itching to post a picspam, consider doing it at one of the communities where everyone will love you for it whereas half the people here will just be scrolling past it, looking for downloads or the latest news. They're allowed here, but yeah, please consider. >.> We don't want this community to become tl;dr for a lot of the fans because of random spazzing and spamming.

If you guys know any that aren't on this list (I looked through the advertisements in this comm and I searched on random terms through LJ), please let me know and I'll add them. There'll be a link to this entry in the FAQ, in case anyone's looking for it.

Also, If you guys can point out any communities that are truly dead, of if you're looking for someone to take over. Please let me know and I'll mark them as 'dead' (so someone else may be able to take over modding ^.-). Anything that hasn't been updated for 3 months(!) will now be considered 'dead'.

However: I won't do this if there's an existing community people can use. In this case I'll just remove the link to the dead community.

I'll update this list as we go along and I'll make sure to regularly check the comms to see if they're still alive and kicking.

Everything's in alphabetical order of names.

Daily communities

hsjloveaday - Daily HSJ parings - DEAD
a_jump_aday - Daily HSJ pictures
hsj_aday - Daily HSJ pictures
hsj_gif_a_day - Daily animated HSJ gif. - DEAD

hikkaruaday - Hikaru
chinen_aday - Chinen
penguinaday - Daiki (biggest)
inooaday - Inoo
keitoaday - Keito
ryudaily - Ryutaro - DEAD
yabuaday - Yabu
yamachanaday - Yamada
yamadaily - Yamada - DEAD
yutoaday - Yuto


daichii_love Chinen/Daiki
chiitaro - Chinen/Ryutaro
takachinen - Chinen/Takaki
yamachii Chinen/Yamada
cute_dairyu - Daiki/Ryutaro
ariyama_love Daiki/Yamada
arijima Daiki/Yuto
hikainoo Hikaru/Inoo
hikatorabu Hikaru/Keito
yabuhika Hikaru/Yabu
inoobu Inoo/Yabu
okajima Keito/Yuto
takabu_love Takaki/Yabu
takayama_love Takaki/Yamada
takamori_love Ryutaro/Takaki
yamataro_love Ryutaro/Yamada
yamajima Yamada/Yuto


heysaybest - Hey! Say! BEST

inoovirus - Inoo
yurichinenclub - Chinen
chinencentric - Chinen
arioka_daily - Daiki
itadaikimasu - Daiki
what_the_daiki - Daiki (I think they're all around the same size. I don't really get why there are three of them, though. O.o)
hikaru_daily - Hikaru
englishprince - Keito
engrishboy - Keito (biggest)
ryumori - Ryutaro
theyamadaclub - Yamada
yutoyutoclub - Yuto

yabu_daily and hikaru_daily were created by me with the best of intentions, years ago. They never really ended up being 'daily' communities, but they've been functioning as member-centric comms under other admins/mods for the past few years, so I put them here.

Hey! Say! JUMP-related (former groups, side-projects)


There are multiple communities for some people (for instance, 5(!!) Daiki-related communities).

I understand that some people want to own their own communities, but if you really want to mod (of help to mod) something, wouldn't it be smarter to just ask the maintainer of a community if you can help out?

Most people wouldn't mind an extra hand. And if a community is dead, wouldn't it be smarter to just ask the person who first created it if they are willing to give up adminship for someone with more time on their hands than to create more and more if one ends up dead? There are so many semi-active communities.

It'd be so nice to just see one big community for everyone, so the fans know where to get their things

Common hashtags to use on Twitter

Because I'm a total Tweetgeek.

Thanks to itojirou for compiling these into an entry.If you want something to trend, please stick to one or two things. I've seen things that just fail to trend because everyone's using their own hashtags. If there's a special project going on you can just make a separate post about it in the community, to reach more members. For birthdays, please inform either me or luma_chan about the tag, so we can include it into the birthday masterpost. I'd say most birthday tags could just be standard ones (#happybdaykeito, #happybdayyuto, #happybdayyabu), but creativity has never been a bad thing. ^^




Chinen: #chinenyuri / #littlegiant
Daiki: #ariokadaiki / #penguinprince
Hikaru: #yaotomehikaru / #toothfairy
Inoo: #inookei / #thepianist
Keito: #okamotokeito / #englishboy
Ryutaro: #morimotoryutaro
Takaki: #takakiyuya / #childishadult / #badboy
Yabu: #yabukota / #teacher
Yamada: #yamadaryosuke / #strawberryfreak
Yuto: #nakajimayuto / #moonwalker / #rawhorsemeat


#hitominoscreen / #hns
#dreamscometrue / #dct
#ultramusicpower / #ump

hashtags credits: itojirou nanatorigawa megu13_yama daikiriffic ratuquinn
Tags: *mod post
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