Hello, our subteam had subbed Hey Say JUMP's Weekender PV and Asu e no YELL PV (short ver) in both English and Vietnamese.

Please click the links below if you are interested :)

Asu e no YELL
Hello, our subteam had subbed Hey Say JUMP's Setsunasa Hikikae ni PV in both English and Vietnamese.

Please click HERE if you are interested :)
I ripped my copy of HSJ's newest single (DVD only), and scanned the booklet :3

AinoArika PV+Making

Aisureba Motto Happy Life PV+Making

All scans
Hi! We reached 750+ members some days ago and as promised we're coming with another gift: Dreams come true PV+Making in DVD Quality.
Plus posted yesterday's Share House no Koibito (episode 3), both in MQ (a very nice MQ, almost HQ) and HQ (still uploading, it will be up in 4/5 hours as the file is big).

This will be the last time we're posting here in a while, because we're gonna close our membership tomorrow and it will be re-open probably around March, more or less, so this is the last call, if you want to join our community and be able to always get our high quality and fast uploaded raws.


Share house no koibito Ep.3


MQ | 720x576p - FPS 20 - Bitrate 2000 - 710MB |
HQ | 1280x720 - FPS 26 - Bitrate 4000 - 1.33GB |

Third episode viewership rating: 7.4%
Third episodes of past seasons' dramas in the same slot:
Winter '12: 10.7%
Spring '12: 6.7%
Summer '12: 11.2%
Autumn '12: 7.9%

Here for Ep.1 MQ+HQ
Here for Ep.2 + Ep.1 in better HQ


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Hi minna
thing I bring is the YYJUMP September 3, where the solo comes withGarasu no Shounen Yabu and Itoshi no Playgirl

YYJUMP sub english in my LJ ^^


PD: realse I can not put before the community rule.

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All videos' resolution: 1024*768
Video format: AVI
Ripped by: yamada2yuki 

preview for Hey!Say!PV

Download all HERE
30 March 2011 @ 06:56 pm
I'm here to share all the HQ/HD PV that I just ripped and uploaded~

1.Ultra Music Power 1024*768
2.Dreams Come True 1280*720
3.Your Seed 1024*768
4.Mayonaka no Shadow Boy 1024*768
5.Hitomi no Screen 1280*720
6.Arigatou~Sekai no doko ni itemo 1280*720

All over HERE
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