26 May 2011 @ 12:55 am
This the the official hey_say  suggestion Masterpost!

This post is for you, to us! Not happy with how some things are managed? Want a change? Suggest it here. All suggestions will be seen, not all of them can be fulfilled however. Please keep in might that suggestions are rarely bad it's just that some of them would bot be right for our community.


A suggestion masterpost does not mean the following things:
- A member demanding something. "I want to be the entire community pink and sparky with ichigo's so Yama-chan will love it. Make it happen." Now we all see this is ridiculous, but to set an example, you can suggest what you think would be good for the community, you can ever add your reasons there, but the moderators are in no way obliged to make it happen. Something just aren't convenient for other people. Keep that that in mind.
- Bashing the mods. "You guys are so stupid, I suggest you all go away because I hate this community and the mods." This post is for us to see how we can manage things better, it's not for hurting our feelings. If you think things could be better, suggest! Explain why you suggested it, if it really is a good idea we won't just skip it.
- Another friending meme. If you like someones idea. don't hesitate to comment on it and show you like it (this will also make us notice it faster!), but please think a little bit of my inbox while doing so? ;w; ... If you notice you have a lot of things in common... add each other? :D

Play nice, stay constructive and build your suggestion with good example of why it would be a good idea for the community!