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Hello there! This time I have translated Wink Up October 2015: HS7 Members' Crosstalk (again!)
They talked about their concert this time.
You can know the behind-story of their concert, happening in concert, until the things that they do in off-concert time.
You can not forget about member-ai as well! (that is why I like crosstalk! XD)
Enjoy it HERE!

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26 October 2015 @ 05:54 pm
Just uploaded Making of Assassination Classroom..
if you want, you can get it in my LJ

Thank you :)
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Another high energy, cutesy title song from JUMP.
Only romaji for KA since I'm sure someone else will translate (and I prefer the darker ones XD)
Kimi Attraction lyrics
And my favorite song from the single, ChikuTaku, with romaji and translations
Sorry, no kanji for any of these because that makes it more likely to be found
23 October 2015 @ 11:27 pm
Hi.. My friend has written the lyric of ignition but it's just romaji without translation...
If you mind, you can visit my livejournal..

Hello everyone!

I translated Daiki's and Chinen's interview from this month's QLAP ^^
It was super long and had tons of cute moments. If anyone is interested go HERE
This time, I have translated Duet October 2015: HS7 Members' Crosstalk
They will talk about the clothes that BEST members already choose for them.
What opinion of them about that?
We can see how 7's members bullying BEST members' fashion sense.
This is the pair which member who choose for who:
Yamada - Hikaru, Chinen - Inoo, Yuuto - Yabu, Keito - Daiki, Yuuya.
This is very cute and funny crosstalk, you can't miss some member-ai also.
So enjoy this! HERE

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I have translated Duet October 2015: YY Club 2015
YY Club is my favorite part!
Because it is full of member-ai and their private ife story.
This time, Chinen is accompanied by Yamada since Yuuto maybe have some business.
The theme is: Our Relationship, sounds so member-ai, right? LOL
So this is it! HERE

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Hello again, I've got 3 more of new chapters from Waiwai JUMP Vol 4 scanlated~
Check it in my LJ here

And this time I also open request for the chapters left from this volume ^^
Hello everyone, long time no see!
This time, I have translated Myojo October 2015, Hey Say 7 Members Part only.
The theme is related with summer: food, water, sun, and, indoor.
You can see know their summer habit here! @chinenpuccino

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the translation is HERE
I've scanned and translated HikaNoo's chapter from Waiwai JUMP's Vol 4~

check it in my LJ here --> Let's make Inoo-chan turn to us!