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26 March 2016 @ 07:11 pm

Happy birthday dear Yuya! I wish you have wonderful celebration with your love ones. And we will always love your cool but dorky, mama-boy no matter how old you get :) Thank you for being born :3
Please put all picture spams, birthday graphics, fanvideos, general flailings etc in the comments of this post, or if you are posting in your own journal, feel free to give links to those here in the comments. For "normal" things like scans, translations, downloads and so on, feel free to post normally in the community even if you are sharing those to celebrate his birthday, but for purely birthday celebration purposes material, please post them through this masterpost
I have translated Myojo March 2016, Yamada Think Note Vol.36
The theme for this month is [Relax]
Yamada will share about his most relaxing time, and conversely when he feel much the pressure in his work.
Of course, he never forget to mention other members as well in his essay.
Just enjoy another deep talk of Ryosuke HERE!

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19 March 2016 @ 08:29 am

Get it here on my journal

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I know you can listen to Rajira after people upload it on Youtube, but listening live (real-time streaming) is also fun, especially if you understand Japanese.
I only understand 25% of it, but thinking that Inoo-chan is speaking at that moment in Tokyo while I am half the world away definitely gives me the feels.

You can also vote for Best Seduction online, right after they’re done. If you can write Japanese, you can tweet and they might see your tweet.

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01 March 2016 @ 11:02 am
Just some notes:

- Put whatever you're selling in the subject line of your comment.

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- DON'T post pre-orders in here. Only post goods you already have, that you're willing to sell. Comments containing pre-orders will be deleted (and will result in a strike!)

- You're allowed to post whatever you have every single month, as long as it stays within this post. So if you have ongoing sales, or if you didn't manage to sell your things within a month: feel free to leave a comment in the next sales masterpost.

- Please delete or edit your comment if anything has been sold, or reply to your own comment with additional information about the items that have become unavailable.

Here you can find a list of users that have either been blacklisted, or considered trustworthy by the members of this community.

The rule about not being allowed to post anything specifically aimed at members from a certain country (for instance, only selling to residents of Singapore) does NOT apply here. I realised there may be people living in Europe or w/e who might have friends in Singapore that could help them out with these sales. Therefore you ARE allowed to advertise in here, even though you only plan on doing direct business with people from a certain country.

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01 March 2016 @ 11:00 am
If you have any questions about Johnny's or Hey! Say! JUMP in particular, feel free to ask here and any of the members will be able to check in to see if they know the answer to help you out.

However, I would like to point out that checking the tags and the FAQ solves the problem about 90% of the time!! The answers to questions like 'Where can I read their J-web translations?' or 'Where can I download School Kakumei?' are easily found by using the tagging system and just browsing around here a bit. The FAQ handles a variety of things, like how to get tickets for Johnny's concerts, how to send fanletters, and the airing times of the various tv shows featuring JUMP members.

May I remind you that, this is open-member post so any questions that came here can be answered by all members, as long you guys know the actual thing. I'm just posting a thread so we can have a neat and organise website but if I know the answers to your questions, I'm more than happy to reply.

Hence, take a look at the previous masterposts. Maybe your question is already answered there and if not maybe you see a question you know the answer to yourself. It's all about helping each other, right?
I have translated Myojo April 2016, 7's members crosstalk.
They talked about the strength of JUMP.
Each member will say their own opinion.
And don't miss the moment when 7 talks bad things of BEST.
It is very cute and funny!
Enjoy this! HERE

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I have translated Myojo February 2016, Yamada Think Note Vol.35
The theme for this month is [Oath] or [Swear].
What is the thing that Yamada really wanna do in 2016, what is his dream?
Get the Yamada's deeper thought of those things here.
Enjoy! HERE

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09 February 2016 @ 02:47 pm
I have translated Duet March 2016: YY Club, Yuuri and Yuuto.
The theme for thiis month is [Variety (Program)].
The episode where Yuuto get bullied by Arashi members.
Enjoy this cute conversation!

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Happy Chinese New Year everyone!
I hope everyone will get prosperity and happiness too in this monkey year!
Okay, I have translated Duet March 2016, Chinen and Yamada essay part.
Duet will give some question about 'Relax'.
Their recent relax time, relax item, relax member, and many more!
Chinen and Yamada never fail to mention each other name! LOL
Enjoy this! HERE

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