01 September 2014 @ 11:36 am
If you have any questions about Johnny's or Hey! Say! JUMP in particular, feel free to ask here and any of the members will be able to check in to see if they know the answer to help you out.

However, I would like to point out that checking the tags and the FAQ solves the problem about 90% of the time!! The answers to questions like 'Where can I read their J-web translations?' or 'Where can I download School Kakumei?' are easily found by using the tagging system and just browsing around here a bit. The FAQ handles a variety of things, like how to get tickets for Johnny's concerts, how to send fanletters, and the airing times of the various tv shows featuring JUMP members.

A lot of the scans have been compiled and organised by ssm_kiyumi and can be found here. Please check that page before requesting scans.

Also, take a look at the previous masterposts. Maybe your question is already answered there and if not maybe you see a question you know the answer to yourself. It's all about helping each other, right?
Added the remaining translation for "Weekender" :) "Asu e no YELL" will be following shortly
Click right over ►HERE◄ if interested :D @ my translation community, comeonamyjump

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Hello, our subteam had subbed Hey Say JUMP's Weekender PV and Asu e no YELL PV (short ver) in both English and Vietnamese.

Please click the links below if you are interested :)

Asu e no YELL

Hello, this is the first time i post in here. I have been translated Hey!Say!7's part from Orisuta Magazine September 2014interview. I translate to Bahasa.

If you're Indonesian and interest about it, you can check on my lj >>> Hey!Say!7 translate

I just buy my copy of WaiWai JUMP Vol. 1-3 the other day and thinking of translating the chapters which hasn't been translated yet.
First one is Yuto's chapter from Vol.2.

You can check it in my journal if interested : here~
08 August 2014 @ 08:09 pm
Good evening ^-^

I just wanted to share with you my french translation of HSJ's OVER.

You can find it here.

Dja na~

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10 August 2014 @ 12:00 am

Dear Yuto, Happy 21st Birthday~! Hope you will have a great celebration. Yuto,you've always been my most favourite person and will always be, no matter what happen. Watching you grow from debut time until now make me realized how awesome you are; facing new challenges, overcome your insecurities and many more. Well done, I'm so proud of you :) Before this, you're just idol. But now, you are more than that; a special existence for the fans, for me. Please, be the one and only Nakajima Yuto; past, present and in the future. Thank you for being born and thank you for making our life exciting and wonderful.

Please put all picture spams, birthday graphics, fan videos, general flailings etc in the comments of this post, or if you are posting in your own journal, feel free to give links to those here in the comments. For "normal" things like scans, translations, downloads and so on, feel free to post normally in the community even if you are sharing those to celebrate his birthday, but for purely birthday celebration purposes material, please post them through this masterpost.
03 August 2014 @ 04:28 pm
I decided to upload this one too since a few people downloaded Ikinari. I don't know how rare this video is too but anyways

hey guys I decided to upload my copy of Ikinari since it seems like it's hard to find it nowadays lol