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09 July 2017 @ 11:55 am
We're arashiproject and we work in reuploading the dead subbed files made by old subbing teams, in the respect of their rules.
We have opened a masterpost for dreamstep_jump (who has kindly accepted to reopen her membership), you can read everything in this entry.
If you have any of the missing files, please let us know in the Dead Links masterpost.
Membership is moderated, just click join and wait for approval.
Thank you for your help and support :)
08 July 2017 @ 03:41 pm
Hi everyone~

I was lucky enough to attend Anime Expo in LA a few days ago and had the chance to see Yama-chan in person *~* It was my first time seeing him in person and I have been a fan of Hey! Say! JUMP since they debuted hahaha 10 years was definitely worth the wait!!! I can confirm that he is just as handsome in person as he is on TV haha.

I know someone has already posted some pictures of him from the press conference, but I thought I'd share some of the pictures I took of him as well. I apologize that some of them aren't the best quality. The stage lighting was VERY bright and I had to zoom in on him, gomen ne~

Hope you guys enjoy these pictures!
Pictures of Yama-chan here~Collapse )
Current Mood: starstruck
06 July 2017 @ 11:01 pm
I've got all tracks for HSJ latest single (their last single before the 10th year anniversary :) ). File only includes main tracks (from all edition), excluding original karaoke tracks, scans, PV and Making Of. The single has 2 title tracks (interesting!), which is Precious Girl and Are You There? - sang by Arioka, Yaotome, and Takaki (A.Y.T). I think this sub-group is only for their new drama instead of a permanent sub-group like Hey Say BEST or 7. But I guess JE will see how this sub-group is going and decide where to go from there.

Enjoy [HERE] :) Post will be f-locked in a few days.

Yamada, looking hot in red!
Links to clips after the cut.
Read more...Collapse )

Sales breakdown for first 2 days as follows:
Day 1 - 143,249 copies
Day 2 - 61,117 copies (possibly highest 2nd day sales ever)
Day 3 - 24,151 copies
Day 4 - 11,590 copies
Day 5 - 8,900 copies
Day 6 - 6,462 copies
Day 7 - 4,155 copies

Current Total Sales: 259,594 copies (pre-adjustment)

Japanese Singles
5. Hey! Say! JUMP – OVER THE TOP

Music DVDs/Blu-rays
3. Hey! Say! JUMP – Hey! Say! JUMP LIVE TOUR 2016 DEAR.


Source: AramaJapan
01 July 2017 @ 12:00 am
Just some notes:

- Put whatever you're selling in the subject line of your comment.

- Provide details (or a link to details) and contact information in the body of your comment.

- DON'T post pre-orders in here. Only post goods you already have, that you're willing to sell. Comments containing pre-orders will be deleted (and will result in a strike!)

- You're allowed to post whatever you have every single month, as long as it stays within this post. So if you have ongoing sales, or if you didn't manage to sell your things within a month: feel free to leave a comment in the next sales masterpost.

- Please delete or edit your comment if anything has been sold, or reply to your own comment with additional information about the items that have become unavailable.

Here you can find a list of users that have either been blacklisted, or considered trustworthy by the members of this community.

The rule about not being allowed to post anything specifically aimed at members from a certain country (for instance, only selling to residents of Singapore) does NOT apply here. I realised there may be people living in Europe or w/e who might have friends in Singapore that could help them out with these sales. Therefore you ARE allowed to advertise in here, even though you only plan on doing direct business with people from a certain country.

If you want to be informed about new sales/pre-orders immediately by e-mail, you can subscribe to this post by clicking the little pin-button at the top of the entry. ^^
01 July 2017 @ 12:00 am
If you have any questions about Johnny's or Hey! Say! JUMP in particular, feel free to ask here and any of the members will be able to check in to see if they know the answer to help you out.

However, I would like to point out that checking the tags and the FAQ solves the problem about 90% of the time!! The answers to questions like 'Where can I read their J-web translations?' or 'Where can I download School Kakumei?' are easily found by using the tagging system and just browsing around here a bit. The FAQ handles a variety of things, like how to get tickets for Johnny's concerts, how to send fanletters, and the airing times of the various tv shows featuring JUMP members.

May I remind you that, this is open-member post so any questions that came here can be answered by all members, as long you guys know the actual thing. I'm just posting a thread so we can have a neat and organise website but if I know the answers to your questions, I'm more than happy to reply.

Hence, take a look at the previous masterposts. Maybe your question is already answered there and if not maybe you see a question you know the answer to yourself. It's all about helping each other, right?

It's the time of the year for mid-year ranks!
SMAP dominated the best-selling album so far with their anniversary and farewell album. I miss SMAP :(
But anyway, no surprises there.
Now, where is HSJ in the charts? They are everywhere!
Here we go!

Top 25 Bestselling Singles for the First Half of 2017
8. OVER THE TOP – Hey!Say!JUMP (299,849)
9. Give Me Love – Hey!Say!JUMP (282,652)
Technically, they are only behind 48Group, Arashi and Kanjani8.

Top 25 Bestselling DVDs for the First Half of 2017
3. Hey!Say!JUMP LIVE TOUR 2016 DEAR. – Hey!Say!JUMP (195,608)
Arashi and SMAP takes first 2 spots.

Overall Sales for the First Half of 2017
Sales in 100,000,000 yen
9. 19.5 Hey! Say! JUMP(J-Storm)
This is probably the first time HSJ appears in this category, which is an awesome accomplishment.

Congrats, HSJ!
Source: AramaJapan

Edit: More accomplishments (Credit: koenigbuuhuu)
And to add, here is another actual one:
They are ranked No. 1 in "Top-Selling Anime CD Singles: 2017 (First Half)"!
A bit older one, but releated with Anime CD Singles again:
At "Top-Selling Anime CD Singles: 2016" they got 2nd place (with Fantastic Time) :)
22 June 2017 @ 07:28 am

He could be cute, hot or serious, it's the food-lover, mushroom king and random Inoo Kei's birthday! We have witnessed how the third eldest prince grew throughout the years. Just two years ago, he started to get the attention he deserved and a month ago he worked hard for the premiere of his movie, Peach Girl. Though he always complain, he still do his best and show us what Inoo Kei can do! And now, to celebrate the 'munini' (other Japanese term for 6-2-2) day, let us all share the love and happiness of this special day with everyone! ^_^

Note: Please put all picture spams, birthday graphics, fanvideos, general flailings etc in the comments of this post, or if you are posting in your own journal, feel free to give links to those here in the comments. For "normal" things like scans, translations, downloads and so on, feel free to post normally in the community even if you are sharing those to celebrate his birthday, but for purely birthday celebration purposes material, please post them through this masterpost.