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22 February 2017 @ 05:50 pm
JUMP is celebrating their 10 years anniversary this year, so I made a Top 10 of my favourite songs by these lovely smoochy faces. I hope you'll enjoy it!
What are your favourite songs?

Thanks to these awesome girls for their help with everything HSJ!

All details on LJ here
Will be posting updates here everyday for daily charts.

If I'm not wrong, this is the 2nd highest first day sales for them, highest being Fantastic Time at 154,274 copies.

Day 2: 55,465 copies
Day 3: 23,908 copies
Day 4: 13,761 copies

Note: The current sales is on track to be the highest first week sales ever for HSJ!

Source: Oricon

Daiki will be co-starring alongside Hideaki Takizawa and Kadowaki Mugi in a new horror movie, slated to release mid-June 2017!

Excerpt from source: "The movie which is based on an original script, features Takizawa as a mysterious man who manipulates the spirits of children by entering into their hearts and taking control of their spirits. Three days after the children disappear, they will cause the mysterious deaths of the adults who meet them. Takizawa will have to put on special makeup for this character. Co-stars include Hey! Say! JUMP member Arioka Daiki who plays a news reporter trying to investigate the truth and Kadowaki Mugi who plays his girlfriend and is being manipulated by Takizawa's character."

Source: Dorama World


Sorry I've been really busy lately so I haven't been updating anything.

Anyway, Yamada was nominated for Best Actor in a Leading Role in the 91st Television Drama Academy Awards.
Too bad, he didn't win :(
But he placed 2nd, which is a great achievement by itself!

Best Actor in a Leading Role
1st: Masato Sakai who played Sanada Yukimura in Sanada Maru
2nd: Yamada Ryosuke who played Takada Yuu in Cain and Abel
3rd: Masahiro Matsuoka [TOKIO] who played Mitazono in Kaseifu no Mitazono

Drama Song Award
3rd: Give Me Love / Hey! Say! JUMP
*The song placed 2nd in viewers' votes but placed 3rd amongst the panel of judges.

It's just too bad they didn't manage to win anything.
In the 90th edition of the awards, Yuto won 2nd place too for Best Actor in a Leading Role while Inoo took 2nd place for Best Supporting Actor.
Time to break the curse in the 92nd awards!

Source: Hey! Say! JUMP JOHO

In Goo, a Japanese online portal, they asked their readers to vote which is the most beautiful male entertainers.
Guess what?
Yamada and Inoo ranked in the top 20!

#10: Yamada Ryosuke (25 votes)
#35: Inoo Kei (11 votes)
Congratulations to both of them!

If you would like to know who else ranked in the poll, please refer to the source links below.
Source: Aramajapan; Goo
03 February 2017 @ 08:56 am

I subbed latest Itadaki High JUMP.. it's Indonesian Sub and English Sub.. if you interested.. you can
click here

01 February 2017 @ 12:00 am
Just some notes:

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01 February 2017 @ 12:00 am
If you have any questions about Johnny's or Hey! Say! JUMP in particular, feel free to ask here and any of the members will be able to check in to see if they know the answer to help you out.

However, I would like to point out that checking the tags and the FAQ solves the problem about 90% of the time!! The answers to questions like 'Where can I read their J-web translations?' or 'Where can I download School Kakumei?' are easily found by using the tagging system and just browsing around here a bit. The FAQ handles a variety of things, like how to get tickets for Johnny's concerts, how to send fanletters, and the airing times of the various tv shows featuring JUMP members.

May I remind you that, this is open-member post so any questions that came here can be answered by all members, as long you guys know the actual thing. I'm just posting a thread so we can have a neat and organise website but if I know the answers to your questions, I'm more than happy to reply.

Hence, take a look at the previous masterposts. Maybe your question is already answered there and if not maybe you see a question you know the answer to yourself. It's all about helping each other, right?
31 January 2017 @ 12:24 am

It's January 31st so HAPPY 27TH BIRTHDAY Yabu-papa!
For all these 10 years with JUMP, we (the fans) are always so grateful to have you as the leader (
a majority of JUMP members think you are the one who keeps JUMP moving forward and higher!) so please be proud of yourself :) Have a great celebration, dear beloved Yabu! ♥

For those who are missing, member
yuurisub has a mini project dedicated to Yabu! Please head to this post for more information. Spread the love and let Yabu knows how much we all love him

Please put all picture spams, birthday graphics, fanvideos, general flailings etc in the comments of this post, or if you are posting in your own journal, feel free to give links to those here in the comments. For "normal" things like scans, translations, downloads and so on, feel free to post normally in the community even if you are sharing those to celebrate his birthday, but for purely birthday celebration purposes material, please post them through this masterpost.

[ENG SUBS] 160807 Yamada Ryosuke - Onee cut in School Kakumei

  • filename: [ryoosukeyamada] 160807 Yamada Ryosuke - Onee cut in School Kakumei

  • size: 400 MB | 1280x720p

  • translator: EdwardElric

  • timer, typesetter, encoder: portia@ryoosukeyamada

  • download hardsubs: mega

Yamada Ryosuke Fansub Team✨

see our past releases here + masterlist

our upcoming projects

  1. 2017019 Itadaki High Jump

  2. Assassination Classroom Graduation DVD (I shared my DVD box of Assassination Classroom Graduation DVD my own rip with 6 hours extra footage to the fansub team, and we all decided to sub it! because it's so perfect! not everything though we are too small of a team~)


We are all nice~~ please join us~